Kilometres and metres

69710DFB-82DC-4310-830D-492DEB2394BB.jpgWe looked at kilometres in maths this week. Can you remember how many metres are in a kilometre? We walked/ran a kilometre so we knew how big it was! It was much bigger than we all thought!


Dividing whole numbers by 10

32AF4F7E-881A-413A-A6B3-227DE86A56D3This week in maths Β we started our unit in measurement. To make sure we were ready for converting measurements we practised dividing whole numbers by 10. We used 3 chocolate bars and had 10 children in each group. Can you remember what fraction each child got? What is this as a decimal?


This week we have been learning about digestion. Can you remember which organs are used in digestion? What do they do?

Watch the video to help you with your learning:

Leave a comment describing how digestion works for a dojo.


This week, we have had a real focus on practising our arithmetic skills. We are developing our number sense. This means looking at the numbers in the calculation and deciding the best and most efficient method to work it out – we discovered we hardly had to use column method!

Continue your learning at home with the link below (Don’t forget to look for magic 10!):